6 Ways to Save Money When You Move

Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 6:43pm by Isabella

Living room, ready to move

Moving can seem overwhelming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve rounded up our top 6 tips for saving money when you move — and giving you peace of mind!

1. Pre-pack your stuff!

This is essential, and probably the quickest, easiest way to save money. Movers charge by the hour, so the less time they spend, the more money you save. You can save a bundle by making sure everything is packed properly, labeled clearly, and in an easily accessible location for movers. This isn’t just limited to boxes and housewares — you can do this with furniture too! Wrap furniture in blankets to protect corners, and then wrap with shrink-wrap to keep it safe.

2. Choose the right mover

Speaking of movers, choosing the right one can be very important to making sure you aren’t overspending on your move. Be sure to get several estimates before you select a company, and follow these tips to make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

3. Enlist your friends

Nothing’s cheaper than free, right? Moving is a great time to put your friends to work (especially the ones with trucks!). Ask your friends to come over for a little “pre-move” party, and get the small things moved the day before (or morning of), so that the movers only have to focus on larger, more difficult items. Make it fun — throw on some music, and bring out the beer and pizza.

4. Pack an overnight bag

You finally arrive in your new home and… oops! Where are your pajamas? Be sure to pack a bag with all your overnight necessities, like toiletries and a change of clothes. That way, you won’t be running to a drug store late at night to replace something you already have.

5. Keep essentials in plastic bins

Speaking of which, as you embark on the daunting task of unpacking boxes, it will be helpful to have all your essentials packed in plastic bins. This includes things like toilet paper, hand soap, kitchen utensils, bath towels, and at least one pot or pan. Packing in clear bins is a good way to make sure you’ll be able to quickly locate the things you need, and try to pack enough for the first week or two you’ll be in your new place.

6. Utilize free services

There are also lots of free services available to help you save money on your move. Utility Concierge, for example, will transfer all of your utilities for free–and negotiate the best deals for you on new providers in your area. UPack also has a great moving checklist¬†that begins 2 months before your move, to make sure you get your move done smoothly and efficiently.


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