Professional Photography: How Realtor Matt O’Neill Sells Better

Posted on Aug 10 2017 - 5:10pm by Isabella
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Photos of your listing are the first thing potential buyers will interact with. They’ll see them online, on a sell sheet, or on social media. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that your photos are beautiful, eye-catching, and effective. We caught up with Charleston Realtor, Matt O’Neill, to learn more about just how important professional photography really is.

1) Why do you use professional photography? Have you always used professional photography? 
Photography sells homes. With over 90% of home searches starting online, the quality of your photos produces your demand for showings. We use drone photos and twilight photos to create an excellent 1st picture. The 1st picture is the thumbnail used by Zillow or or the MLS to capture a buyer’s interest. The goal is to stand out from the crowd on your 1st photo so that more potential buyers click your listing to learn more about the home. The more buyers who click your home, the more demand you have for your home. The laws of supply and demand state that increased demand increases your price.

2) How do you identify a good photographer for real estate? Are there things to look out for?
The best photographer is the one who produces jaw-dropping real estate photos. Look at their body of work for real estate photography. Look out for wedding photographers who also do real estate photography. You want a photographer who takes photos of real estate for local magazines or the top architects in your town. High-end architects always hire the best photographers to showcase their work.

3) How much is a reasonable amount to pay for photography? 
You can get a great photo shoot for a house for $300 to $800. If you are spending less than $200 for your photo shoot, chances are you have a mediocre photographer.

4) What makes a real estate photo effective? What makes a photo not effective?
Look for photographers who digitally enhance and photo-shop their pictures. You want very vibrant colors and bright photos. A non-effective photograph would be dull and dark. You also want a photographer to stage each shot before they shoot it. Don’t shoot a messy countertop. Take all the items off the countertop and set up some staging items in your shots to bring them to life.

5) Any advice to realtors/FSBO who might be tempted to just take their own pictures? 
Don’t take your own pictures. Just don’t. I don’t care how good you think you are at photography, I can assure you that you are not that good compared to the best real estate and architecture photographers in your town. Their passion and calling in life is real estate photography. You will never compare to them, unless you quit your full-time job, and take up a career in real estate photography, and work for 10 years in this field. Just hire the best, pay for it, and get your house sold for more money and in less time than your neighbors.

Matt O’Neill is a REALTOR in Charleston, SC and owner of Matt O’Neill Real Estate. To learn more about Matt O’Neill, visit:



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