7 Tips for Choosing a Neighborhood

Posted on Jul 6 2017 - 2:22am by Isabella

Neighborhood in the hills

So you’ve decided to move. What’s next? Choosing a neighborhood can be tricky. Check out our 7 tips for picking right!

1. Consider the commute 

It’s always a good idea to check-up on the commute in a neighborhood. You’ll want to see how far you’ll be from work, school, or any other activities you or your family might want to partake in, such as sports fields, movie theaters, and shopping centers. Look up public transportation options, and map driving routs on Google maps.

2. Research the amenities

Neighborhood in a city

Sites like Area Vibes can provide you with lists of amenities, livability scores, and seasonal weather conditions for any zip code so you can know what it’ll be like year-round.

3. Know the cost of living

It’s important to check the cost of living for any neighborhood you’re considering. Cost of living includes not only housing costs, but also taxes, food, and healthcare in a particular area. You can calculate it here.

4. Check out market conditions

Sites like Neighborhood Scout can tell you how your home will retain value, forecasts and trends for the housing market, and the demographics for where you might be moving.

5. Consider walkability

Woman walking in her neighborhood

Check out Walk Score to learn how walkable a neighborhood is. This site will tell you how close you’ll be to restaurants, cafes and night life, and often includes photos and information on neighborhood culture.

6. Learn about safety

It’s very important to consider the safety of any neighborhood you might move to. Check out our post for the best tools to check out crime statistics in any area.

7. Be sure to visit first

Construction in a neighborhood

Although there are many incredible online tools to compare, research, and learn about neighborhoods, nothing beats visiting. It’s important to visit not only to confirm the things you have already learned, but also to see if there is anything you may have missed, including nuisances. Annoying construction sounds may be temporary, but restaurant noise, train tracks or stagnant lakes can all greatly affect quality of life and are important to check for before moving.


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